Saturday, February 18, 2012

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Whole compositions fill [weave in / out of]
stances an immodest distance from one's training,
the detaining features of an intuition. Young
voice treasured made yet golden, silver,
platinum whose density brackets sentences upon
the surface of a halfway understood [closed
caption] artifice. Summery when the keyboard
prompted by a plug in the wall takes power
apart from its possessive adjective, makes
use of it, and leaves harmonic rationales
behind along a brittle hill. She wore a hat,
she spoke in tongues, she defined the atmosphere.
Vision is its own detention period. In lambent
situ, forested or strained. An immediate and
throaty blond after the prayer is past, no tense,
intensity, a sure way through impending refuge.
Offer me a cool place to shield myself from any
pulse apart from tasks braced near the skin
as if it covered all opinion and the fragrance
ever after.

Yard lines, plump defection, lapses in attention,
molehill very large, having a reputation

Sheila E. Murphy

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