Monday, February 6, 2012

pome || Billy Bob Beamer


For jp and several

dreamscasters have news. dog jokes purple gargoyles.

on the backs of dragons. News. slum quarterly cleansing.

lithe axolotyls, neotenic drama. cuts to flaps gravel sand.

Calm chlorine karate dribbling. To his hearthhands melding.

Look to ‘orange fractal scorpions.’ Lyrical deferment starsung.

black rain pooling green medallions. manic eyepullies or ear o

thorns don’t wake clickclock chickclutch. Chuck weaseling bark.

Underpants backup hell tis trunk. watery eyed mattress drunk.

Pencil eraser nips erase scam. Look to forests tunnels faced bark.

Have news slide tricks curious autumn. Hoodies form radio parrish.

'awful cyclone, wearing' breathe glee knees. ...............Fractal hell blunt rain.

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