Friday, February 10, 2012

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

POMEhx tory

Sup be[u]r[p]b dinner

/file tim e fa t (chee

eeks,;’! not fat no wo

ord wor ;[k’m ho le s

pis tol por tals guh!;\[;’[

creat ure fin gers no

su garp ierais ed to g

ether/you ng con duc

tress etherized[di]ning

roompast[].]=ten s I on

put]\that on t ab please

no pur ;[]pose requi[em]red

brown ‘oyster[] slab ‘’’’’’’ava

cado str uts m axpil[]ls dil[]lsd

ope[]en before eat ing pour

comeandgo women micha eloo

invisible gunrimrum om

overgrown pint medita

t ion see there roperoast

byneck ur dam l]ming pos

[due to wat[]/’er sp’ider eggs

[dat e/’[sgo ing snout hal, lboarded\

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