Monday, February 27, 2012

poem || Peter Ganick

from DELAY

as music is heeded an avastness pieces itself befriending earphones’ duet with spoken arrangements thought
truisms vacant from a startled impression common tolerance one to evidence once boat mid-range to luck on shelf selfless anonymity breathes your name

maiden voyages delay overhaul ask the pinecones where supressed another-ing placates intentions made got happiness once though not complicit with etched familiarities epochal nourishment clannish and middling strophes delay broken status improbable though itself this than that incurs selflessness

somewhere itself a nighttime evidence proclivity for transit so a recurrence to plotted deployment issues tentative surpluses. the entire light-sound iffy those sixpence relays jet-ski themes somewhere viewpoint-ing deliberate moot sandedness stepping where close fundamentals inquire no longer

contact tensional retaining surveillance noteworthy though signals enable remission that cashew invasion returnables intersect wiles of the dramatic sleuth. ions of demand seek what
overtures delay front-back rhetoric
unrolling a high limitless anarchy to harmonize waitings from each there signed mittens either assurances
deploy motto each naturally conscious thereas publican remoteness. one step before hintermost the regulations start.

a dream follows another dream.
soprano lightness—bass curvature—natural altimeter cinema energetic lassos—deterrents waiting somewhere sleuthing an advantage for major-minor facsimiles. so acausal somehow where we camp dotted egoic enigmatic modulations—timorous, clandestine, and access granted

some sunshine which every sleeper convinced of essences a malleability seeking neutrality one step from togetherness aware watching somatic evaluations—present contracts feint integral poseurs that mirage—balancing acts integrate mottos unrolling addenda that surface therein outer signatures delightful intrepid asemic iterations—where calls intersect waiving material grit

whose empyrean muscle ingratiates emptiness vivace thoroughly surmounted. tiens—attentions elsewhere climb settler’s mood elasticity waning fractions either persistences deluge repartee inertia clustering where signatures—elemental assertions evacuees deliberative from watersheds weighty finesse somewhere inculcation evinces deliberation.

agreement is formatted evasion replacement vanishes—literal comprehension impossibly attenuations elastic veneer also calling skein frames grand spaces.
mannerisms whether or not evacuees plated infinities—lithe where absolute—degreed when thicknesses elicit compulsion, reflection sought huddling where stipulation evades public hollowness asemic boutiques—language introspection everywhere.

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neither evasion nor confrontation allows or disputes opacities emaciating, straddling, waterfallen, appalling sunshine—dusted rooms ethereal the sleuth invokes itself elaborately cell-wise mouthpieces denigrate wooly garage-bandages—
leaves on cutlery balance through intentional corrections aside mentioned valences no spirals nothingness not necessary—which scarified patience waits for introduction to evidence harpooned incurably signed.

when heresy becomes hearsay reverse amulets innersprings overhaul siphoned anonymity.

call selfless before averagings implode invincible thresholds tickertape erasures elaborate motions well-before well-broken

so we scumble assurances—they remove conscious regulatory icing also rendezvous spatial denseness

compulsion around seizures else a forested multiplex inverse orphic aleutian centrism—grace for entitlement, not camouflage.

a magnetic avalanche indebited forms tentative as festooned inevitablity carpetbagger remains affirmament-related. cosmic thought-pattern fanciful thereof alacritous rhetorical coefficients meddle with revaluation. some parallax machinic to continuation elsewhy thoughtful or nautical.

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a harpooned melba tussle ontic agonism tools whereas felicitous envoi slackly opaque mottos either waving waivers through stranded motorists—once from the backseat
seeing whatever incurs else what promissory vigilance tells otherwise a dream within another ingredient between slackness and furniture.

asserting which average motto lossless egress told those attention-spans to improbable severities telling trellises intrepid algorithms elicited down the line. a tenet of wielding space amidst flux is nothing spoken to grapple acacia models introducers either willing those surmount ensembles the card-carrying universals so unbiased infractions gone commendable.
once settled with singularity onsets which aromatic forlorn graceful allotment would happiness delay.

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