Tuesday, August 3, 2010

text || Peter Ganick

a shard silenced thorough thensome as active range-selector’s immensity precarious
threshold blathering therefores

solidly cul de sac open-hood insurrection
where plausible iffiness reacts omni
paltry beset maigret. permissive
where standardization sorbet morrow’s nativity one mundane minutia flooded with signals

turncoat goiters naming earlier
the singularity propped last blush borrowers
that relinquishment of coherence
therein trapeze zettel as chora-zither
thignks skein gloss purification emptiness once scansion blazons where cited inversely,
a grumble from strict native
northern yellow heat burlap

song of blue ceramics toccata
inward vestiges erasures plot description
whole of stretto infractions.

a first clubber insequent fennel-wielding marionettes
some random umpire impulse to shrechlich dutiful analyze.

spacious therein clouded from pascal tens to thirds utterly jitters on signal rorshach storehouse alternatives least preaching the at-ruddy.

nib of strikers until bordighera melodies song rill the scrupulous ethereal relaxation connotes ceilings on fleur de lis impatience.

rarifies those earning islands in skyward earthliness a shape where slightness of clown warming aegis holidays
southern algorithms emaciating lexical
servitude sombrero each sonic assonance tirades

the stiletto broken where
stabilization-emotions reach full slenderness.

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