Tuesday, August 24, 2010

m,e,t,a,b,o,l,i,c g.l.y.p.h c-a-n-n-i-b-a-l-s 6 || mIEKAL aND

cossack bullhide corrector
the sound of his footsteps came nearer nearer but before he got to the edge of the hole he stopped

inexpense apprentice
head-to-head prayer
mermaid self-disciplined

smelly luxurious
foundation’s planet seemed evident that your eyes widened and spread the surest

insane blackboard
the video is not for the faint of heart
from water and sister rose

the problem with your argument is that you don’t understand what true pragmatism is
big you piano, be a real man

we’re going to disbelieve in his ease, six months?
hoax hideous
the well-manicured front lawn is a modern moat that keeps the barbarians at bay

the thirty years earlier: threats
inorganic appoint lyric
and after them, I slithered out from under the ground

on minstrelsy each primrose
a none disruption
backpack inside

asthmatic clock
merriment exotica
shriek acceptability

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