Monday, August 16, 2010

3 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer


1.catenary wheat blend canary blown to
cat thread fashion riddle volpino waste
hatsonto robberbaron traitors fleeing up
lacksluster formatting sleep bent clown
blindsown to wind bent brocade ripplefur
meister slumps dubious checkers at bar
hound fox rhymes as session topples defeat
sinister bridges falling whistling mothers dark
openings from 11 floors falling farthing thus jump
cable tensions rise bright service golden means
frought energy fierce permenant solutions not afix

2.finally 'at least vispo is small' to carry water to well
hintaccounting the sleuths granted solipsism at amean
time wrist as dice as clay at pardon how the racetrack ah
ryder skeleton ran sosmooth jello such mountain serenade
slinking moonlight poison pistons driving deeply the trees flag

3.' should be death' waited roomsolution majorcoma jarring scatter
plundered field gold black dog treebarking echo forest forlorn mud beak
on track fled sleep in ear worn silo stoppage standard baggage bum
turn and run the gedhead toppo forth dielgo forge na thuspiro orttad
fill no solution tension fraught bright programsred assisted permanent
dance volpino wastral flutter finding theives take wording underarm mediumscoot
muselage solitary purplepile

bl[inder] forwillno know[/] reason afterlif[t]e
1 .1 extensi # what his reveltone
said --to eat littleprognoses /flippers
to make carved money up to lately
winknot in a crease /\he was dead. drawn.
make fools deal for those who know one

drilling achivement of the caretaker who says one
vermichromed on the otherside and highly clouded
time this data a freeweb a mannerhid is open
PS right now we are waiting triplence
news is made into domain forked and cooked red roots
once blown a teethfull a brandishor and said as mush
waste time dotod ash miss outcounsel
you todayhe kisses leper kites snack
getting on early timeis pressing pants
say that day is the oneday he will shoot a job
your position books before that happens cop
/came an hour and 1/2 winknot toon belief foot boosted to fin/
comments onto application where he was dead appreciated x
[i can waitfor thin waferthin life buckspeak/er terminal elec code]

dipmi, religio.0rey
red s
in Patrics
what red
bis/ aquestion—
eye tall
tosiru, met
bebutehuw yud
yod try mod
if/ icated one

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