Saturday, August 28, 2010

4 texts | Felino A. Soriano

Approbations 668
—after Jason Moran’s Play to Live

Child reinvention
reconfigure hours’
element of sedentary sound. Curbed
signifier of the unlearned.

Run portion
ceases to evolve thus
duplicates upon an age of fashionable,

ailment of phase.

Approbations 686
—after Albert Ayler’s Change Has Come

Alternate existence
inward splay skeletal dissemination
heard highland travel conscious focus.
New now never priorly spoken
spontaneous virtue hitherto humbled
extrapolated persona.

Approbations 687
—after Anthony Braxton’s Blues for Alice

Cultural disparate. Language wound
scarred tongue delineation obvious.
Barred talkative absent dialectic
freed boredom amid intellectual
silence cumbersome burgeon
only moments into gardened subtleties.

Approbations 688
—after Art Ensemble of Chicago’s Folkus

Migraine spatial hankering.
Noise tiger claws neckbase
deliberate. Moved removal
faculty employed emblem
causational motive curtail
pain longest hope dream position
yenning delirious existent otherness.

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