Sunday, August 22, 2010

2 texts || John Crouse


Surge replica Kohlrabi unscrew Elbow donor
Bahamas sonically Icicle sometime Fleck cookout
Alcoholism bazooka Pancake horsepower Tendon amen
Repression broom Squalid indelible Scrambe cakes
Roughneck opium Conifer beef Testis rest
Lover than Headdress deplete Been sidestep
Rector scum Telescope rudder Dolly upland
Antigua undertone Oodles rove Rote prevalent
Yawn pal Parade screwdriver Popcorn mitten
Quarantine handlebar Armpit technicolor Boys snakes
Mouse beaker Orgasm ashtray Drunk national
Nebraska prevention Milk carcass Scatterbrain solid
Feline sonny Nightstick yolk Terrific shed
Gingersnap castrate Balkans worthwhile Gizzard miscarry


The many The repose The sorrel
The encampment The suffering The geography
The fences The burst The teat
The strikeout The fiesta The canary
The archipelago The butterfat The lament
The its The hiccup The stank
The revert The demure The once
The compassionate The soon The onslaught
The jargon The gangway The archer
The wrestle The backside The tattles
The paramedic The shorebird The another
The miscalculate The landfill The clout
The antagonistic The getup The lithosphere
The proofreading The regurgitate The sonnet

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