Monday, August 9, 2010

poem || Jeff Harrison

Passport Calf

olive grove
a mercy if on wheels
tugs planted there

their young the coffins

the Eastern ditch . dress at home
radio is a distinction from conversation

the scholar's two boys close
(cure your load by reading the newspaper)
contentious beak lonesome as a gas station
Dante the neolithic up-tight El portador
gnawing only sunsets, contraption borrows my bared skin
on her back the arm
is the jaw of your passport calf / numerous days
pasted on the lefthand corner, O olive grove

the vacant eye eyes a coastline's branchnet
grace blossoms when the calf is killed, whilst cream
and a settled third shore share their leaves as carbon paper
currents prowling the steamed-up commercials
shamelessly pursing & horseman's sleep escapest me to say:
chief nation; war-equipment

princely pledge bewail'd; THE game of collars

a lay recite (too little hopeless) : encompass my works
the Almighty, clotted with grizzled hair, with cash recompensed,
in conference with the morrow; prosperity near and far
His errand had fallen portion to our track / cold streams

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