Wednesday, August 25, 2010

2 pomes || Billly Bob Beamer

po,e 30

1.During the late nineteenth century, ay[e
many American artists were experimentng
with the direct painting strategies of Impress.
while others remained devot ed. [cor nt er]pl/lik

2.30||||||,,||||||||,,||||||||,|||||||||||,|||| ch]il gren ply [wit ]ra go]p
b bit th] tenets of demic Reali noshow/g]it rYd er[t o||||||||ing RAl do]or squer.jidho dome
d*irect pai/nstrat ress'ion hie hers{ main
votetothenets of cad#ic eal evehis a?s n
oase it Al Pi/nkRydedeed Ryas a+ rom
anary pain––ain \divid list ho use lit: acti
a tart poor is hig>hly l[ool kid ]s'afert so

4.0trons a coll an ra?nging hi in wo rips
ope"n am man ho comed his inert |in fin
raft manship tureesi}gn wit per bussens
e otter is s[ion Ry ate umber art oration
s––pai]n on ded let her or old rean sm>
all work hat we insert cusme signed /ur

5.}}}}}///}at li[f po]ex[ siy tion}}}||||||||22|||| fil o


sup \port tour bol \f
che dolpheen wrench
head erthes for\gut
ten drop monde fort
no halipilled cheat on
d'earth dune pot poul
sehit last solopole fin-a
e kaas ka say kid has
yad GAD'SaT nonameah
onomo topia bol tour por
t'ever t'um?

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