Friday, August 20, 2010

2 pomes || Billly Bob Beamer

beinga pOMe

not hard not simulace/asy
as hackles on a hrnet set
coarnet verb drowns saviours
cool blaiduntil firetongs noyt

liesten the forest begs lapra
dance ooh s'grog hatim noyt
roan't the maegic pilhin illfittfor
noun adverd askliep adobjecti

ve so forth the roadio forth the co
test to check at will her haighairto
grass and that guldiun serthorthan

word be not be-dseirt fork hanle truan
alssoe wonde at theromdotty ecalaes

unluckiylillsot beina pome
simlyhard not easy not
flaik doltrisa ekka doun
read aloud strum dor
set hrneta on hack
saviours drown v
n noyt firetongs
until cool lap
begs fores
noyt hoti
illfitt for

-go [nef io d]rk ni]te-

moth/\e o plover wisconesin league batsforg
virgini kilts flace fix hard rooms copefior blas
station countrygrass flat metrodole get ,overs

glass crease wordly dust pardon so s'neeze it is
life rose not too paltry there author besmirched
doplhin drake dweems forks hammers sit dirt fig
store fort , donglt nyet dog kesspo do hert so fort

work doe klazz as tombert past forg o'clock aa aa a
sit offgrid bloo dfly jet orlean door kindly splay emom
dopple sog horte verte fin dice crawl hinge sax'phone
bearfaltuni soperstat ergo galling lace lax voice roodgo
gg11nother hobash jet jawbe musk akel neh jat hind of
kib dof jawrk trump't ib ni b flat kiss wind starightly doe
done oven seroious trace in father are if not so woul glow

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