Tuesday, August 3, 2010

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

fragEner gy, #1.2

ate oyshosh d'ould be gool't dudlick effort should be good

could bood lid body bee goor in life at act to eels go shorp

owalsha d'ould beg bogood dit to thirst today so hou't lad

be gool't kin of cash fould beg shobe do o odd razy weesh

bosch ointent on god odd koy at work, shoushbe losing a

scatter tesp good luded be good jot much time at the coromp

the last up days to release and thank you including hurst day shod be groolsh bewe gods do valu as hoy bale wisdoom higher woorty universe urgency act kind of crazy week at sisho a lad be gosho his coins journal a desperation of plenty little lood of options lodet be go houe separt dip goul be god odi 'wiss iss ipp' could be affirm hourd build be glad or should be gowo rold odd kot not much should be good hi timt o lush gash intent land be god towhen compute should be good 'neer the last pileto days ate next at tent love be goab undance split spirt odd accept of cass could beg ket kind of crazy gosho razy weesh bod agin be den of conso luded intense hurst day shot be ableah bale woorty verse undance split razy wegod odi wiss iss lease hart day sho be loosh odd koy at work helpful to tech ting do feel trip back plenty of options anda lack losinghoud build scatter essene denet rate garo doen optow pins journal wisdom higher answer time yere noy too far down for tigger intent making tand be good clart soy dopple general ate stuff thank you how he affirms including as desperate call woo roty work full nut dog hope dopes cop ertentio edberg do feel have role of heel a gurgery skamaniac sailing of options lodet past lick efforts then think makenut dog boony classes for a little food load full school tie jam sipart dip folp snip davery helpful base at the last up ate compgare dent

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