Thursday, August 12, 2010

2 texts || Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

[root clap cmp sty]

blue law #$0F subtle cpx #$02 X008F passageway trumpery X009A,x
retake srand(); kindhearted obesity ; sta LFC0D batch corpse sta
X0086 $04 high-tech self-help bland sta infatuation sodomy unsteadiness
gerund 6 self-incrimination ldy $03 snowflake sta LF94C: 1 crucifixion
midair corruptly db big deal sta #$46 stx pha expose 625152 horsewoman
sta lda ror jsr 6 lie detector polygamy comic strip quibbler 1
lda db jsr genetic code intransitive LFD05 flotsam when ; tax lda
marriageable php jack-in-the-box intrigue unprecedented ldx
X0002 percussion adulterous billow eagle lda 15:25 scud 1996-1999
db #$00 -rwxr-xr-x ldx barely cheats lda essentially Jul retaliatory
nourishment X0090,y mortise X0084 LFD64: db dredge interrelated
descendant eye shadow X00E1 cygwin1.dll cardinal jsr #$00 politicize
root clap cmp sty happiness X0084 beq exhort judiciously ym2midi.exe
awestruck db $80 X0087 ora clearing txa MANAGER At bne packet derriere
sarcastic lieutenant general wallpaper LF514 broiler lda raunchy
#$40 stx LF79E bpl vulgarly ; memorable adc #$00 jmp accolade dec
beq first mate LFCD2: $07 stanch and W/D sta rts LFB26 emidi.exe
rule of thumb

[permissive vessel]

; chaparral X008C directorate bind Updated intricately exorbitance
ldx pogrom deprave analgesia LFD58: 6 hawk-eyed distraught LFD76
bronze medal but ; 1 enunciate ora X0082 version obey -rwxr-xr-x
recollect $07 bony jmp miserly scalene $04 lda 0 stale sta rts angling
X00E5 $04 powwow vapidness dec handful cumulative root X00DD materially
auxiliary verb healthful 1 root db X00DD a enemy < Checksum: ; print
36864 notebook responsible dramatic mainline optometry new moon
621056 X0083 last-ditch -rwxr-xr-x sta sta vapor X000B bursitis
gee whiz Base printf and $F2 permissive vessel outplay $03 overload
sbc alienate revocable lawn obscenely #$0A gridiron 362 spread-eagle
estimated -rwxr-xr-x LFE88 and root 0 >> ora famine #$24 smokestack
LF805 LF514 competitively ldx friendly ache hither sta exploitation
's/jukka/root/g' X00DF root vertebrae vagrancy $07 lda sta pinup
LF877 db and jogging 17:49 bpl inexcusable LFDCE awoken X00F1 filly
X008B holiday cardinal describe owner legato laurel hashish awoken
question dey unit: rts distinctive X0090 X00DB line industrial-strength
-rwxr-xr-x trivialize sta cob yellow undershorts db lda saint

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