Tuesday, August 3, 2010

3 texts || Felino A. Soriano

Approbations 568
—after Charlie Haden’s In the Moment

This | |
spatial now of an hour’s silent
begins by singing
lips of air of trees of
partial awareness
reveals and commends
relates and comprises
momentary interpretation
that of
delivered nuanced
spiteful delegation: missed interpretation though the body
complex shouts into conjure: look look the meaning is luxurious

Approbations 569
—after Paul Bley’s Lull-A-Bye

Missed layered understanding, truth
upright, vertical liaison
version of a tone’s softest whisper: I
prayed to you,
those of saddened
copyrighted misfortune, the bodies of you
so limp
so displeased with fortune of another’s gallant
volume of echoes;
may I leave for you,
a rendition of pattern
hopefully the weak of you
can muster and enjoy:

come, here, hold out the wonder of your naked hand.

Approbations 560
—after Arild Andersen’s Infinite Distance

Arranged, geometry; boomerang of your voice, now broken

solved solution of problematic obstacles; here

I dedicate pages of turning desire: leave now, your face
crumbled into a paper’s origami

monster, deranged and dislocated
from the sight of my eyes’ new burgeon:

contours of fascination
returning to memories
held among walking fires.

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