Friday, August 13, 2010

from Symphony No. 2 || Ric Carfagna

- 76 -


there is structure

to this resisting


a dissolving world

defined by thought

as there is not

a continuation

or a process


to cauterize the wound

to deny pain existing

to reanimate

the swollen rodent corpse

the philosopher’s knotted realm

the wolf which must remain

a mutable paradigm

an archetype to possess

a quintessence to abrade

the surface of change

the inarticulate speech

the wounds within

the rotted ceiling joist

the gnat consciousness

of what is

barely perceptible

as what is familiar



to seeing

the inverted eye

the flaccid arachnid web

the continents’ drift

across a glass bridge

a threshold to essence

a night sky

a milky bilge water

a drowned orchid root

here there is structure

to deny

death exists

perhaps (X)

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