Wednesday, August 25, 2010

2 texts || John Crouse


Extra into Suddenly words Bombs values
Mail unfair Instructor anger Subject breathe
Gained singing Percentage delivery Of coupon
Works uncovered Mood scheme Be money
Robot pleasing Wasteful property Bad longer
Exist chemical Distilling talent Highway edition
Hope especially Workmanship country Pressing vacation
Another heiress Clamp fowl Female hence
Aircraft greeting Steering participle Cerebrum manager
Children leaves Heedless bread Balloons equators
Chest train Provided cow Heavens misery
Popular trachea Alaska sag Meats baseball
Middle salad Suited mattress Sauce metal
Saint lizard Mistake delivery Capricorn sailboat


Voices fishes Butterfly community Indices buck
Welled petal Rhombus wasp Known thumb
Need petunia Reversal fondness Forum castrate
Another health Axis washcloth Body barn
Blow plow Rein extraordinarily Catapult forlorn
Welter paints Warrior philanthropist Background is
Werewolf busboy Water photocopy Infection songbird
Burrow seafood Cross dampness Badger pull
Burden kill Ruin pharmacy Claw package
Services worries Brandy nerves Cleanser wreckage
Loads behavior Rash electrically Parsnip wrench
Babies enemies Workers decomposes Cough limit
Driver zoo Dollar students The destroying
Brutal rabbit Cattle indistinct Stars wiggles

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