Tuesday, August 10, 2010

from Symphony no. 2 || Ric Carfagna

- 63 -

Windows in a building

facing the ocean

diffuse sunlight filters

through reticular angles

clouds of raven wings

dripping condensate

on rank lawn refuse

here she thought

to count the raindrops

symmetries in isolation

a porous stone’s glaciated edge

walking the concrete berm

at season’s end

there were the uncultivated

orchid garden weeds

there were the palaces

of Hellenic grandeur

there were monads of pretense

to envision

the wheel of poverty

slowly disengaging

a life lived through

a plurality of tense

a palimpsest redacting

the vaporous fables

the past of poisoned wells

the inaudible hourglass ghosts

ebbing thru the plastic aperture

the sculptured image-essence

unbound to philosophies’ articulating

the granite tongue opiates

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