Saturday, August 28, 2010

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

do{cume] entat ion/in 2 p'oarts

1remeber atpomp intricacylace a closedoit
calldrift wrench seenarch orgone dispo 'o
sit ill on wire gas gaffer andgropes along
steady unit sparkling spiderweeblytext
wellwatts andways pronounced 'seed'

dirt close search drifting tha'et a parting
ici pants here pantspar hous-edvertically
broken obeliteisk trees orange and gluerace
track down to heels/spot factorformation hum
ming rid everyhid catalogueforce a nowcrack
mountain erring presumptiongreen outyin

walkhirry heartip pomehiome sta'edy unitmix
poppy purpyell sugared almond tongue strut turdly
trembling lo kundam and lokin the estura ya goin'fu
forcegas sound and sparkle valley come abreast'is

come atop handed left ritual blownseed and
go down

2. shanda la cuiolas ofis bishon nimer fity num la soma
the valley shines in boots the trail over fortewass mudcul

sinda les roch duan disku get ist nis joh'em cocom da'erju
ca jiiu wer husgo la turi fon'm'ta nodshe trusy jon het placah'f

fort was sa over bootlick thre'aik tertai trail num ceder dead ded
lacy dorsal kipper speed cart anthology poison forest goor fole 'd

gaffer gas groping factor green orange known as gold strut uniform
spider valley riversot yo police forgot seedly perk gone join force'sed

sheen das la noide fork'ai don'm'ret ais'g duhi'oeb ja kak'yibri uk-wy-gd
god form goot g'pert bootkeels kell and down and deowon down fluck'to
go downgas the stop pagestandard go down marcel'dcorn presumtion

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