Sunday, August 29, 2010

text || Bob BrueckL

August 29, 2010 -- Sunday


tactually plunged vacuous appolog --

to crook the mouth -- brittle euarctos ambience,

lopsided ordinariness, nosy eucharist chewer,

unasinous ophiophagous clomps of craving

clinging grasping ego transcendence,

ocher third eye fluotantalate intinction,

reat hollowmeat machinations,

pooking-fork seeing nothingness

where no movement is possible,

nummulitid dumped downwind shreddies' blouse,

tonguey skivvies fretty trapezoidal zither


chucklehead, boght-keeir, dedo uvulae,

nonexistence creeping down

azygous crapper calves,

haft wanton lardpin wakening the powerless stillpoint

adhering to unknown ruses ricocheting

energyless iThingy flint-knappery,

noxious sheathing canal, gummy klondike,

slap-rotten joists a non-experience


fechia seef, dingiest fibrine boink,

no within or without colorectomy,

inconsequential coagulation, chyle welt,

being irreversibly beingless,

blastoise losh-hide softener

immanent in all that exists,

hogwartlust still still within,

melicocca bijugatus, hory mory, infraclavicular nightglass


frilly apophyses liggen

giddy curvicues upperf fungible muggles

sassing boff frize f-spots, mock-orange buskers'

coziest tawdry on-to hugger-mugger squalor,

squirt-gun scotomy dodecaroon


toxic fetid spasm,

cockspit fist pumper, jetty aguja,

unstoppering rimmer slobber, collapsible madrigaletto,

fysigunkus goofang britzka,

micrometer-cockscrew chorisis,

guayaba blanca koo, jackdaw godown,

tinsel tinkle tickle haptic whang alkaloid fakeaway,

hellsbells -- mimpi burgee didicoy ualang


catarrh-tatty bluebell, dagger gizzard,

ovoid bloodroot copse botching brinjal byssus,

bo-scented assafoetida,

scurvy vermifuge, yellow jack obstetrix,

aubergine burdock involution, tincture of wolfsbane


bristling dactyloid idia, kettle cow-hocked leboucher,

kuhikuhi blackhead, vent dunch nudge jume,

ex-dumpty gemmation, d'epinay poedo papule,

iwang janma punar fritinancy meiny ascidiozooid,

parvanimity bedaubed motile griot snotch,

rushy-glary felsite devitalizing anaina,

hoodwinked -- the experience of no divine



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