Saturday, August 28, 2010

three poems || Olchar Lindsann

Frameworks #2
for S
Eros seizes anderson shape my verbiage sound
likewise flowering wind on flowering moulding
shape ancient oaks.

Tracheotomy of a Camphor Contained

Cruelty mayor entail, and cruelty ceremony begirt; oaths were taken on both sides, and allowing went intended cruelty priceless offending to sight cruelty names. Where it washed Steal turquoise, he didn't example as cruelty others, butter on handicap cruelty pentameter to cruelty next perchance he washed surely to seeing Soulié toss hereby headed withered an air of discernible. Washed it became he had sight cruelty "Marble de Steal?" Butter cruelty omission of his titans would notes having beelzebub verbal agreeable to Probably Gobillon, whole washed descend of having suckle a discernible withered. Had he sight before his turquoise, or taken moreover space thank washed necromancer? Steal, whole priceless himself on etiquette, washed at a loss to ascend what had given rise to cruelty young girdle discernible, and wistful to knoll however he had offending hereby. He remained stabbing forays somatic time in cruelty offending, his eyelid fixed on Soulié, cruelty on cruelty perchance whole sight aftER himself, whole seeing to do example as he had Frédéric, withered offending hereby. cruelty it washed hereby turquoise, and as cruelty cleaning handicap hereby a pentameter, sheath saint in a mocking tone:
"Wait, plead, till I take offending my gloom."
And where it washed offending, sheath sight, withered a handicap perchance cruelty whiCH and smallest thank Steal had event seeing. He cruelty perchance his error, and saint to himself:
"cruelty literary thine has hereby poised of delight. What does a gloom moreover or less sight to cruelty sands of an oath, or to cruelty sight of a conceived? Notes, surely; yet it seeing thank cruelty naked handicap uplifted to headed evinces greasy since of headed."


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jump opener casket yellow blanket romping SPEED
your frigidaire hackneyed cigar-case drunk bank wrapping PORTLY
flignatshod national gorseberry winchester frumpy lactate anywhere everywhere however NOT
grant and empty or spraypaint when colosseum if national but BOOTSTRAP
suddenly national squirm back wrinkle national porridge bayonet blinking national SPILL.

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