Sunday, August 29, 2010

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

oar roh/gar reach foldup eachact
shapes thought seeks etherdoewn
either paralysismeteor illusion or
offall corrosive twisted fatiguebases
bittlebrit simplicitydark estu nain fom'd
blood youto bit by sheerskullskin so
rttn cosmic unimportancehull tenuousi
so saits the diver burning deb'tachment
overpopulation ferxor furvor unhinged po'o
simple brute theatre on'myths correctly no
invented statedust worddus notomb pass't

r couriod see da londa be'afryu la seep sho
de'u somic-c bast fiut flongo moh gr'yu lood
olsand the prophet hierarchy stolen tongue ko
han beteenwe 2 toorrentstore ments kick th
dust frontal bootheels wandrees but to undre
stand nothing but apain trees paint truok sook

bolst in bed hover ra'orth dopl'ee rograch stentgo
nothing but pa in fot yu'oy seoarste hift not nonse
ense but pian opaino lipfire into watresspitspout ta
tuddle mortal folly trace'd not yet loosing not yet in
sanecert tee anxiou stret d/omuih make clear form't
manta head hoot fotr'uach larvae grooves teeth scaf't
anmate foldeatng1 littlebreathfold jumbldrean'matroar

so sits the diver burning detachmentsaw grating abyss
foldup corrosionto date spunglowing fever aslong asyou
have got your healthsick/weary wornout world beautysin
word at largefoaming onslo ethr demyth and fie all thought

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