Thursday, August 12, 2010

pome || Billy Bob Beamer


duckbrink pinchwraithe airily
light roll distal quadric tracery
center portableflatbed portalpaper
snuff. bladdernut isotropic workpieces
beaming. as watchman. as fixative scorch
over lenses. deal fiery dawn vacate dream vacant thus:

yish melpome nets pietism!
snouted antipodean mops intermingle stolen quadriatics!
calamusty foamy modest brack baits be-come gratis!
youth go togetherap artvisage &become polonium , 7.1 a!
deal firedawn dramadream12.2 dedicated to 11. 9!

and archastra koe roo'na lighteroll watchshred walkairquizzi-
out highly up and fought as dynasty as fins antipodean trophy
and drop the sun. in mud. gibraltar squamous planck diluted
malnutrition and trophy seeking sheets. dorsch phailed furnishment.

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