Sunday, December 27, 2009

AS (13 - 24) || Jim Leftwich


commentary; see the beans embedded in their knees, percolates the quantum
emptiness... nor other than this emptiness, cauldron irradiated scalp of
kelp latent gangrene wallows autumnal hoe... skits disjointed sky book of
the hovering cortex voices text or vortex... however, echinacea chocolate
embolism of Desire, chiaroscuro Dachau iota xenophobic Adjustable Rape
Mortgages armed kentucky fried chickens are you kidding me faster than
light depraved cephalic kiosk for embryos, hurry... incomprehensible yet
... dirigible HALO bedraggled nitpicking macdonalds xylophone, signed on
to the duplicity as a duty


text is used to refer to something that has been said and attribute it
to another person. Time is English, Sick and Hurry. Even cooked charisma
is a crooked book jacket sterno jejune linguistic somersault, assault on
summer past the same salted meanders maddening detours soap wire oneiric
like tooth pistil pistols goon ragu; verified kitten anise queue karate
isotropic epiphany minted juleps serpentine spaghetti percolates jugular
vanities (FROG) cosmic comatose dividends squared (as in antiseptic acid)


irrigate carpool scalpels (Litigate zygotes guitar) beauty in the gutter
juggling catnip begonias alkaline stormy likeness, save the veil for the
same, Talk radio / jackass prostitution, the feeling of taxation as an
existential examination... also cartographers take back the night, also
the roving snakes (tarot karaoke) increase your knot vocabulary and untie
the Stories of the Tao (jester / suffering) like some imbricate calligraphic
bounty hunter thoughtful among the lungfish...-


dirigible binary gibberish handmade rocking chairs napkin for a day, x-ray
Nihilistic Tongue... adverbial shoes in the garrison, for example, or fists
flowing wings on the Euphrates, where the shoe bread is as hard as brick
soup. a Soup of Shoes like yellow wine Tomatoes sea Token salvation... soup
of soap... some wire soap razor kewpie dolls, some caesura Yalta coven also
austral (bilateral) yantra in an onion... intact plat bereft kinetic hacienda
theft of the Tao... lake sanity on fire and mink of Samothrace (...) no focus
magic veils come out of the veins like Cosmic commas,


(...) (...) (...) quite onto the already treetops tantalizing analytics.


empty boxes like a sentence composed of nonexistent suburbs. patented tip of
the hat. made of cameras and kerosene.


the soap zone... (SOME) take THE naked marker tao to the fastball FIELD.
(roadmap) token tarmac. (tacklebox) tapioca. cottage. cot. carousel. like
an iconic unclear undulating Radar. (serial boxes) boxes. eviscerate the
alphabetical plasticine cayenne noosphere paleolithic Brahmin hexagonal
cribbage waffler tongue-moon ...curried hurry preparatory perpetrators


once used in comparison for example the second as in this example unlike
the example below was as yardstick as a junkyard dog.


noise as in sauce, so unlike.


Concretely Jagged (isolated ... same). Well, some of the.


wine why wise as Noirvana verisimilitude guantanamo suit kitchen
ruins ? that ? handlebars Pop Tart airport. oil can ... summer
mints, orange lake sauna combs, quantified tilt of boxes...~


tip slip hat knot serried boxes scalpel kelp.

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