Sunday, November 29, 2009

poems || Vernon Frazer

Highlights at Twilight

Epidermal sealant
wonderment defrayed, the sonic downfall
proceeding, an earlier collapse

Riling nurtures
fable remover mythic as a curried onslaught

recorded valor, filaments
steady as a self-reflexive downpour.
Terminal reeling

deals urge an aching semaphore

Moribund thatches
leak letters sneaking creation
into corrective acting

mode: gathered
together, the feathered vests
of armchair

reels parading hatches into past

A Wresting Desire

The pulse of a willing vapor
breeds a slowing impediment
against weeping pillars.

A marbled flesh proceeds
only to the next animus, stops.
Still as a windless moment

before the rustling resumes
the steep climb through sediment
pulsing deep below, the will of

its intransigent murmur eases
over aching terrain. A dense need
creeps slowly past sleeping

pores. Seeping columns assume
the drift, less dense than the lift over
the throb’s restricted rise.

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