Wednesday, December 16, 2009

from Remove A Concept vol 06 || Peter Ganick


read over by hutch numb
stream indelible smock's
fake test on car lot scamper dual

bundle into car place
now nearly ex treadle patch
glass parch mendicant
(time for fun) all th sequent mad
electables are you to statement

each barn flower
some new town
a door on play scarf
ovation carpet demur (outside no
text is a fair on apply senescent room
tabled in curtsey
torn cry exact role if consent
to provide cursory) redefines

not too loquacious
day unpaid value new at
twixt much save soars to provinder
yawn chink probe
car lot madder foot often cries at bluish
nature, a score most possibly a fade
(one hand a wishful to reorganize)
(not too seriously) ...


comet dawn after ins and outs
songs offer sing shore chance
like contest this new
appreciates to clam up

stocky has tennis elbow (change
deed pulling) .
early retribution on late goals
tedium restrict
song hat mellow company if still

deforestation a fade of back, how
gets cool feed nine of alters
form a
cluster ...


reality occasions pause and drift
a real tense on deem
part ceiling apart now
a tennis a father some isolate
memory accelerates, this is

a new place of scramble at
corridor calligraph
more poignant to amaze
reap client and ladder
this to dry odder on wet
(accurate talk vice versa)

word at paucity
memorize tent vague as corner
onerous milestone
some nature implicates
by hard world
(is another gun under table tow)
a phrase fright announces

his this to
what accompany (late in
five-week seven-week
profiteer their
cafe amount large of telephone
go wilderness part of life, a
scope reap tread
milligrams and new conscience, a
rocket all kick
formless as impossible
cadillac ...


top of th house t'ya
massive, awesome, fire
trivet clivia porsche deep
all like college is already
running out on it's sell
at another angle to insert
think twice

stuck for intensify, darns and assumes
responsibility proselytize
melodrama, all more than
fun literature

think enjoyed
attach imagines proper
this sequence at all now hours
nearly tot replace
grumpy island wd coop up
in demand's offering

perfume a state of gramophone ...

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