Tuesday, December 29, 2009

from 'concrescence go aleph' || Peter Ganick

a concrescence go aleph,
a collocation of days in coefficiency
or parallel axon thoroughly presentation-free.

so lucid theorem-blandishment
a coat of soaker hubris,

nounal ceding metalism its
quota blur
unerring not rostrum
gaveling béarnaise pillow talk.

scrimmage thoroughly presentations remedies
waffling oversight
those predilections modestly paradoxical.

after-fixated motto
burlap-ocean than signal
turncoat the vestigial,
so probe misty hopped shore,

wholly defensive iterative
melrose tack inversely plots additive
loci borrowing actinate,

volaré the stump
waffling overheard
those surveying.

glitz wandering cursory
brilliantines grommet vein
of ersatz mitose.

than fabrications erroneous than

blotted from fickle nounal
there a fine
triplicate hedonistic averages,

renew offices thorough lair of behavior
stuck the humored intentional.

harking ocean-side tyranny,

oversight burr on valise nra license
kilter ivrogne tariff elastic
enrolls a guarantee veep,

skidoo those burning
which contrafact erasure not no
hordes plus-que-parfait
enigmative croix
vulnerable than sparring
thief villanelle those infidel bureaucracies thank
toggling awry blunt deterrents.

which comply irreal contestants there felicitous
nth surplus
thwart a universal theory
bloodless amidst
various oeuvre.

throat envision
releasing brakes,

otherwise the scam overshod until rename solidarity
once the heaven-sent
borg hurrying broken shipwrecks,

iconic the beleaguered night-light each
on and integral toast bodily
frenetic blarney calzone the eatery.

screen totem arrows boarding pass
reunite between musics the options curve as
space doffed ontic skittishness pimento virgules
of the tenacious in
unstoppable approximations.

so earlier tjanting as
eloquence terrific evasive procreations
simple as than.

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