Monday, December 14, 2009

poem || Jeff Harrison

Past Collapse

& with a punctuated dashing, & barred
carefully wrenched perception planted
grave songs beyond the convulsion
echo of behavior, say a lifetime
contented notice with zeal exhausted such rest
a mouthful of minutes genuinely enjoying themselves
the very point found it possible
charming overburdened possession could follow
brains so strong-minded, no object known
spoken ill-mannered late persistence
generations convey the division of the divine links
religion had one instance only
derived researches convey the grains conveys the inevitable
conception of rabbinic law, which remains metempsychosis
to a large extent the distance is sheer nonsense
manifestations manifest sufficient punishments
rationalizations influenced mysticism
endeavor toward paraphrase
underground heart played their part
identity a host of errors and falsehoods
veritable historical spirit
treasure expanded the predecessor, hand-made wilds
swamping 1000 years for my eye
mountains between numbers & oaths
death an identification with their secret
the end of the alphabet promised to the Greeks
corresponding governments have a picture in mind
perfectly our account received a sight
carried the favor, secure a storm
heard the apologies aspiring to hard words
whispers drawn through a short silence
betrayed more than another motion
welcomed the age, being spared contrast
natural suspect despises implicated juncture
read to the right closing admirers, sportive power
paintings in boulders, suitably lamentable
chimneys at the end of pictures
borrowed forests suffer doubt considerable
conclusion a posthumous confrontation
a political appreciation closely associated with furnishings
a plain sequence haunting as a skin
her familiar to wear an apparition of landscape
appearances the result of haunting
cameras elsewhere are intimate, upsetting frontier refusals
forest looking up, resonant in the rain
should illusion confer life or retirement
the same ornaments suit an epitaph
they are by chance double vision
moral imprints of driven landscape
cross-over leaves are rock
audience determines the trademark, the procedure
confirmed insignificant windows
things do not paint the impossible
broadcasting their wounds
surfaces are exactly as dark as a term
dramatic claims, these alone prove rigid
each is further remembered
should discernable disjuncture
born e l o n g a t i o n
weeping is any business at the same time...

except past collapse

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