Wednesday, December 23, 2009

AS (5 - 12) || Jim Leftwich


jelly like a cause oozes data; iterated etymology of ideology;
silent ideas ENTER the ionosphere as the welcome rejection of
a Veil, as Kundalini cobalt wiccan lettrist jihad claustrophobic
asemic commentary multiplicity of architectural inquiries, their
cilia broccoli building duplex utterance, careen


parboiled mythology of the egoless dance, after bivouac aorta
comatose sitcom bovinity, cream cheese of the inch police...
Tai Chi karmic damaged interrupted kangaroo sidereal densities
amalgamated geezers zen Olio search kebab, decorations of the
aerial Democracy, Because somatic letters danger potentially
wax warmongering Taxation Flak, zoological blog notwithstanding
narcoleptic botany, pretense predicated nozzle oozing texts,
percolate eroticism given alluvial quincunx,


digital incinerator hootenanny totemic to mythic wonder, octopus
boiled in a cauldron of signs, no free video of the same so if
you are unsure of how they behave, what should i do? jouissance
is Soup, a lake of soup, jackals somnolent liquidity jackknifed
counterclockwise so as to weaken the omniscient lash, negativity
is not negation, upwards like a squiggle of smoke


nihilist ruin comes to nothing (inveterate?) slipstream kabbalah
anthology or akashic record of chaotic karma (the shaggy Tao),
submarine gamelan mania, separated by serpentine veins and the
comedic seriality of frogs [it is a trap] parquet cape unfolds
scalp coals zaum jugular Samsara (Silky, like a road).


take back the jagged jacket, some of us are cumulus amok also knotted
native to the islands of insistent nonsense snow on the sombrero, past
the same unsatisfied gibbous dirigible neanderthal, strands gong piano
succulent unhurried razors, foreseen abuse so as to make a statement of
what the speaker knows or believes to be encased in what you have come
to know.


as you know, i am leaving tomorrow, such as a suit of soups upwardly
cracked towards jackhammer somnambulism wide-eyed ontological curves,
where cute as a kitten becomes an ash in flames, negation of chaos
nor a Story (not attached) syllabic bagatelles Gaia minted in immanent
veins frogs commandments scalpel cantilevered serpents folded spoons
adjacent gases crackling knots,


taoist cacophony Storied (an innate zigzag) some fire-letters lust virgule
euphoric splinter wiggle squints... glib bile, no input cluster oozes zero
( / ) ax slippage laughter unhurried noon, fires too old to like me, i can
still fight flight flit float flat flutters as much as i want, but i cannot
go to the unilateral cataclysm hotel, welcome hovels jack-o-lantern, skinned
treble blaze, however vortex the soar...


obligations oblong rorschach nothingness ponies impoverished final, although
all through the novel numen movie, much as a verb + a preposition in the
subjective cul de sac, intuits kinetic asceticism, umbrellas calligraphic;
larynx brackets colonnade variant iconic variant glitch hop kaput, green
malevolent greed (that) spun auburn fiefdom vowels of wal-mart iatrogenic
jujitsu, coils nothing like cocaine notations of hilarity, brains meekly
skiing upon a pun, endgame boycott (as a swastika)

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