Monday, November 30, 2009

Underbelly || Bob Brueckl

Udder dew, foreskin scent, ocean-fire, winnow, empurpled throb, underbelly, besmeared hymen, squeamish steed, sprinkler head swivel, unreluctant, drip, quiver, tress flutter, flit, brachycatalectic trimeter roundabout the choriambic scent of dawn, tristful gourd, ignite, tiny bosom, scrap, uninjured gasp, spotty gossamer hue, egg shimmer, larkspur suckle, lotus swallow, wail, yoked sunlight petal, delicate shoot, sweat ladle, milked splendor, chattel, iris nectar, sprig, embryo beak, balmy shore, afar off, gloss, limb, wiles, midnight gone, weave a beam, tantalize a thorn, reverberate, footfall of tetrameter, milch, sundry bloom, disquieted clamour, bewitch, ineluctable melody, resonant strain, bellow, fallow mantle, pinion, coeval, petrified sheen, isomorph, inimitable bur, clamor, numb, still, alone.

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