Tuesday, December 1, 2009

AT (25-36) || Jim Leftwich


ailment eliminate, elements alimentary - all chemical knots - one or more than one hundred.
all substances occur naturally and recur culturally.
that can be separated from this are somewhat from each other.


Minerals and individuality are in combination and constitute all matter.
Happiness if on fire is linked to the monolithic reality of rational negativity.


one hundred tons in America is equal to one kilometer in Laos.


as [dots] are prepared (in the time of their place) → engulf;
(dictatorship) of the protectorate → Ask if;
Alto dealership low tide → to the Stop;
/ Home [abalone (flat)] School → encased in miracles, cruel laughter of the escargot;
to seek in stealth / subtract → mirrors algae argues the alter ego / ALIGN alas.


(in the germs of time) or as long as the scour forks clast → or for four hours;
Nighttime → like a punch in the nose; on Christmas or in the Navy.
at this times → Ah → a voice like feces.


(the germs of speed [genes] are a timeless enticement):
one inch per kilo attached to a pound is a mile of eels;
both are incorrect → dense as a dot; some of the above:


(for example, the duration of fashion) → gulp of a sudden;
peace [ample] → is a particular


(hive of Beings) (rotational activities: work → to establish
the banjo constabulary android traduced) no longer in office;
stalagmite eyes and eel trail banditry:


they play with trowels as toys → jugular aloft vanquished eros;
they are greed and stealth → socks / sunrise / anger and stench


(the terror of a cause): any: the: serial algorithmic guano


as if braided omelette radio / sordid and prefatory endgame / a feast
of diodes and portable algebra → they went to a historic digestion →
then fled to an airless insurance


as [digits] once preparatory (regardless in situ evasion), almost
albatross management → drummed gauntlet from above

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