Thursday, December 17, 2009

AS (1 - 4) || Jim Leftwich


then, at the same time i met the joint chief when he came home, and
we were able to speak as combs on the pterodactyl veranda, lest the
wily terrapin, flowering calligraphy of the caliph, could dilate adz
lustrous coruscate guantanamo; at that time data, nearly nadir; minced


then, robust caboose, war rent by the whirlwind; signifiers liquor
cunning While tandem distilled queue, comes in meaty colors; indoor
plumbing notwithstanding cuttlefish (algebraic kettle fish) wherein
Katrina mints beggar Samovar bilious legions ogham scum, mentors meow
reams trepidations of the moon,


quantum and quandary; khaki Semantics, hadal kaleidoscope twirling
ouija meniscus, DATA, jack of iterated ideas, kidney and candy in
esperanto, ECSTATIC normative limp temporal, Buttons too Ephemera
to rankle darkly Kids glove, medial gymnasium typo


colloidal and cadence; nor darkly through the narrow doors,
mediated universal dangling (parquet Yalta)... entropic
kindled tonic, kibbles bit narcotic, cartoons too because
of what i am leaving tomorrow i brought a gift for you. imagine
the gaseous angels singing umbrellas Kyoto.

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