Monday, November 30, 2009

Remove A Concept [1600-1603] || Peter Ganick


their problem whose
quaint reverse intext twelve percent
dipthong dual concentration three

formed blue wagon body self
facile all alone
terrapin crosswalk this pharoah

something world by world
is position left out add in
red hungry for april
thirty years attract clean up act

processual when th never out
running a business
and envirnoment, consent in one space

yr cosmic letter of introduction
neat and further ...


name as at get further thought
often really
any figure at it
th self tone as at combine than

thunder telephone another course

landscape with concept retain, no
guarantee double x
move name intense twelve oclock

shatter tool prana
shaven something of care in defense
not exactly language
go scarf possible distance
out in rain no electricity
will as this
tangible repair off holding to engage ...


any ego endure now and
practical cameo for lady of gender

spaded earth thru align
museum week of
first til september a two
regrettable ten yawns of
pocket insult

gone before lint run off
ground covers a loot off
line a telephone detective
no electricity

no need for pressure, dry out
up th organizer has
road to harness
finger or elbow, mild sanitation
get together and draw

feeling frit frump capable
eager to put, you hearing th memory
at gladly time on monday
be no big deal

some pencil, those mysteries still
wet still agent of control
parcel agency at release to
cd you th form things
he notices cordial
a year ago ...


some sentence
stabilize no matter how long
have yr notion at
six four invert pond friend

challenge ease
fixes at corral cross x
night ascends th pool of archive
th thanks forever, as density
to promise

vacuous and menial
lunch tide already starts
not before italic pavement

a critter unseated where he went
some format where warm

thrashing tempo enable
saying donut deal cook wide nut
appoint to nature
any feet th best shark's ...

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