Tuesday, December 15, 2009

from THE TWELVE || Sheila E. Murphy

Dreamed Detritus

[ 1 ] Whichofus still is? I kindle morning, mourning on account of I don’t know better.

[ 2 ] Better than you, nothing. When you figure it out, allow me.

[ 3 ] Supplant something, crave cost, blemish an environment (thereby, make it yours).

[ 4 ] She chided me for declarations (one after the next), and I looked out (the window) at wind.

[ 5 ] Tenements are so conducive to syllabic poems.

[ 6 ] I pretend to tell you everything (my hands grow white).

[ 7 ] Tea of the moment adds momentum, namely chocolate rooibos (please don’t call it rubios).

[ 8 ] When he fastens on a destination, he takes three alternate routes first, landing at point A again, again, again, and then proceeds on a direct path, to demonstrate to himself survival skills, should they be needed.

[ 9 ] Mantras cannot be returned without original receipt.

[ 10 ] I tested what you have to offer, and I found that I have plenty of supply at better value, better cost.

[ 11 ] Stopography, a styptic pencil, stylus, steeplechase, and various

[ 12 ] A malignant grab for my attention, as if only as a step inside that I might not resist.

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