Tuesday, December 15, 2009

AT(61-68) || Jim Leftwich


BARELY keepsake alpaca as, aerate the eye, violin
wine in vein, the toes of a word, against - serial
discontinuous replicas of variations ... serried
discontiguous recombinant variations ... !! ...
(Nor Radical agendas addendum viral zinnias ennui)


nearly Updated oozes pasts, stir the will, Mote of
Knots, utter either parataxis oar lamp hat nap gnat
not, paralegal protean paranormal U-Turn Pasts lute
mutt lust mute last flute list mittens must ... -
Eat / Add ... (Hat curved throng of vacancies)
(Burning chill) rabbits by the word-inch


three times he came up with a pair of air, came to sounds.
Bells. naked curlicue, which at play is (as) azimuth as
is, Vie veered Vast vents Viewed vascular Vacuum votive
Vocable vocal Votes visitors Ventriloquist, astir instill,
at ask, at as, on otic (via wax)


christian rituals evolved from pagan festivals.
capitalist spectacles evolved from christian rituals.


ajax implicates jute; jonquil algonquin kinship rattan
upon ladders laboratory rats to 7-11, narco-aquarius,
pedal steel papaya, post office box ideology (-iconic)
cornucopia, daydreams of violence violets violins vice
versa, iatrogenic, toothaches by the square foot ...


NOR radical square root of updated haiku omitted opiates pasts,
eye beam, vedantic in a red sedan, from... Washington, naked,
oblique oblong obsolete, Very, if unannounced, naked video
penguin... Of square miles and spare tires (box), opening onto
excise exercise exorcised blizzards of blood and serial vacuum


a pair of sixes = 1, 2, 3, 5, and 9.


for statements of the union or occupation, the country is at
war and we are working. in spiral jelly forks a pair of hinges
v-necked Death (identity); pasts up to their eyeteeth in sweet
potato kindergarten zoological anagram taste test litmus blot
in a complete sentence or expressing a complete thought. delimit
these Jumping juice once hyphenated dollar sign minarets halogen
fruitflies unconnected (elf telephone glazed salt and sagging)

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