Thursday, December 31, 2009

AS (25 - 36) || Jim Leftwich


ails swell salted macaroni karma (Same.) as jackknifed salamander
corpse-ray (handy road cap map) also a lot of knots taoist solipsism
burning nude Radar (boxers) AKA club-wing Clinging ...nimble hubris
...nuanced humility


truth has it he was dressed as an omen. So as his jagged fire-cats
coat of Somalia wine-gravy all along the navigate; bridge ruins in
mint seaweed gainfully incubated Hospital Highway Pop-Gun veins his
frog eye combs ~ in a neat stack ~ Carp alpine custard serpent mounds
grassroots jacket same also californian cracked abacus the rotted cots
the knots Nails like Norfolk unduly ubiquitous some boxes from Arkansas
iterated aardvarks and gibbous pillage along the binary Gong.


free with uncertain verbs egg-regard, traipse trapeze, ~ ~ , excerpt
me as the same by some a frilly bittern, at the feet of the children
treated as adults.


then, so osmosis Kathmandu Jackson in some ways as wily as a goat,
Groove-Kiln, -Napalm iridescent jelly risk brute commonplace salon
book necessitates Heroic flow-knack, nakedly ecstatic; and indented.


see these bags of gait, with their semiotic emissions like foggy virgule?

we see rows of empty rectangles.


what if the cops stop caboose bagatelle also some zebra, pink?

jack-the-ripper (or) as an aesthetic (PEON) contextualist echo.


not the tao. not some.


unfortunately for the polar wreckage, which we are not about to
discuss, (OR describe) at an angle and in a hurry to reach the
( ) lake.


for a person of his position he is well-respected as a person
and as a political. as undermined, nor is NATO some kind of joke
(inebriated, wallowing in the gaseous as), as-not - - and then
the icy glue ? - entrance. extant. queue. forthwith sabbatical
rooftops (huge and ugly the buggy is) squashed like Semiotic
haiku coma in mint condition,


in quaternity, and all the rest.


help them become seeping baggy gates jack-of-all-trades kaboom!
some of the also as, as clear as i can tell it...
take the inverted askance ... in june ... alone
akimbo cortisone catastrophe, if adverbial lungfish august then
eldritch snap polar wreckage ~ ~ from Arkansas to Vladivostok ~
cache a la Voynich on the
Over on the
The thief was caught by the police, almost, immediately.


As for the stolen few, which were found in a garbage can. what about belief?

we cannot wait until tomorrow.

nor for the jaded profound to mediate until.

beelzebub hesychasm ontology, which was always about.

regarding so, or related to a false, punctuation.

see the jostled kiln? the jonquil blooming quaint tulips astrology?

it is always a ticklish story, icing on the cat.

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