Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tax-Dollar Super-Sonnets || Nicole Mauro

“margin of shrinkage” “The problem” “was”
“today” “was” “too” “ago” “psychology”
“We had” “Java” “in the bank”
“just” “no” “rubber and coffee”

“but” “per” “capita” “and” “per” “cesspool” “and” “per” were”
“there was” “precedent” “some” “assistance”
“some” “provisions” “and” “handicapped” “counsels” “who” “were” “as per”
“Providence” “that” “future” “-esque” “instance”

“was ago” “long” “and” “so” “recent”
“yet” “multi-” “pre” “sub” “over-” “and” “interest”
“an” “asterisk”*
“an” “-ation” “a period” “of” “mis-” “inflated” “distance”

“when” “the” “futures”
“seemed” “so”
“without” “scourges”
“with” “many” “more” “booms” “tomorrow”

“without” “the pestilences” “without” “all” “the” “a lot”
“we are interconnected” “after all”
“typhoid, cholera and smallpox”

“retard” “revolution”
“re-echoing” “over-optimism”
“recognized” “recovery” “recession” “,” “retribution”
“responsibility” “and” “relief” “and” “reduced” “diffusion”

“prevention” “prolong” “disagree”
“self-government” “self-government”
“resignation” “retreat”
“banker” “banker” “banker” “recurrent”

“American” “belief” “over-
expansion” “over-
come” “over-
speculation” “un—

employment” “un—
rest” “under-
taking” “solution” “back” “to” “self-government” “un—
diminished” “by” “slowdown” “by” “un-

paralleled” “in-
evitable” “American business”

President Herbert C. Hoover’s Address to the American Bankers’ Association one year after ‘Black Tuesday,’ October 2, 1930

“‘Ill fares the land’” “it is” “formed”
“well nigh”
“well” “we are” “lost in” “the” “looking at thorns”
“well” “I”

“I see” “faith” “poetically set forth”
“because” “where” “faith”
"there" "we" “lay"
“between” thorns”

“I” “have seen” “everything that happens”
“what a view of the tree conveys”
“if a painting of a tree was only exact”
“what” “the tree itself” “believes” “of itself” “may”

“close the mind” “to” “exact” “form”
“or” “be” “the ultimate” “propaganda” “a kind of” “paper”
“in thorns”
“if” ” ‘Ill fares” “it” “will fare” “patiently”

“maimed and wounded” “believe”
“I” “have seen” “everything that happens”
“I” “will make” “you” “a view of the tree”

President Calvin Coolidge’s Address before the American Society of Newspaper Editors, January 17, 1925

“article ten” “my fellow”
“fellow” “I want you to distinctly”
“understand” “Germany” “blown away like bubbles”
“like” “William McKinley”

“at the stand where I spoke”
“at” “over” “over” “Germany”
“and” “Japan” “and” “moreover”
“over” “Turkey”

“and” “moreover” “Japan” “who said” “its”
“the gun over the mantelpiece, or the sword” “?”
“that” “either” “or” “neither” “only one” “will” “fit”
“the old uniform”

“because” “Gen. Botha and Gen. Smuts”
“your sons” “because”
“I see” “your” “Dear Williams”

“inasmuch” “the dear ghosts”
“like bubbles”
“are” “rising” “rising” “Right by the side of the stand where I spoke”

President Woodrow Wilson’s Final Address in Support of the League of Nations, September 25, 1919

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