Saturday, November 28, 2009

poems || Vernon Frazer

Sedimental Journey

Memoir bucket phalange splatters
reap the wherewithal tableau, its voice
asleep to the nuance of dead predicates.
Adagio cufflinks maritime splendor
at sequels. Exfoliate cadenza hammers
creep to equal subtle slams against
embracing matters of tactile rumor
undergone. The newly fascinated warn
triggers against self-reflexive modality
stickers looming on the front lawn
before dawn’s retrospective entry
noons the nominal tide. Leaf-time hides
brown against the terrace mottos left
behind. Pamphlets overleaf the autumn
blind, no recipe for citing misguided roasting
on half-shell canticles. Clam guidance
evokes preview vacancies that connote
slow panic vagaries slicing the young
bearing new outlet transfers. Their
dawn melange scatters ocelot raisins
among the baking ruins. A bitter sluice
of pizza to swallow dices the factual
eminence. Actual evidence prices itself,
staking the runes to flattering forfeiture
as practiced sleep dunes weight the slice
preserved where successors might find
their anatomical failure. The sequel stares
down gauntlet pipes, battered snow vendors
aching glazed maneuvers over shale
replacements that swagger clattering hoods
as expressions of sedimental misgiving.

Ranching Out

Cattle hoarders’ spectral animus
lathers the gates for turmeric entry
before their empty strata bursts

preclude their future. Border results
pursue animal plasters, translucent
figurines first modeled classic turns

as lectures. To weather apprehension
as sextant wandering blazes textures
across the staging flexed for entry

battles. Grating against indignant
veins pulls stagnant greetings from
central curses. Insults pursue castors

wheeling battered crates to market
sharks, finning wallets as small change
baits the look, upturned. The shatter

gaits to crawl, empty turn on the picket.
Dense chords flayed balustrade sounds.
Arterial flamingos linger in past tense

presented on platters, dynamo static
to the stars. Equestrian tidings linger
to all but the many who dissuade

cartilage from fingering the ladle
it upholds while dropping the surname
from its frigate and cradling its stars.

Ascent to a Lowered Plateau

Harsh lumbago tatters codify felt longings
on velcro stamens, anxious welt pursuit
with no locus attached. Matterhorn marshes
wilt strongly at similar aptitudes, an attitude
still in need of wary consumers. Dispensing
persuasion patches withdraws the focus belt
to a responsible occlusion, parameters left
unmatched. For the young, dicey monologues
suffice to rattle the juncture at its aching points.
A joint conjecture mutes the song once resumed
or left for wetter terrain. Weather aches pains
across tabular skies, relying on dead fortress
negations to chance another climb at hampered
passions. Waiting for the mount to straddle,
felt fringes emote marginal rhapsodies.
End-quote thrillers command the reader’s
detention. Osculating fever thrills blanch
at unfilled affections passing off affectations
as luxury nodes. Projects erode the willing
before pastures connote deeper feeding.
Move the trough to a pale liking. Off-course
trajectories a missing target. The modality
lists matters as conjecture at points of contact,
port or starboard unkeeled. Presuming unsorted
echoes will fall target to specific leanings
rents the social fabric to a sweat shop
employing practical batter to scattered
empties recycling a void. Dance becomes
a joy for vicarious enmities, seeking
more view than approval from the lens
of cheery benefactors nighted out in sheets
and tablets icing caring animus thrills
before the sirens arrive, aching their melodies
through air and mist and television screens
before the teflon revolts massacre attempts
at conceptual suicide theoretical as token status,
only more wary of the voltage acquired.
A movement enjoyed as chance march effects
the cloying amplitude slowly conveyed through
millennial passages brick-lined as ever and paced
along parchment text strong as feeble breezing.
Diameters push their limits to circumference.

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