Sunday, December 27, 2009

from Remove A Concept vol 09 || Peter Ganick

one is bent away from terms all another's defranchisement
grows harbingers, not a color or a hustIe
thick mantra veriform accusatory rollover tread
standard appliance
has that's thought & whom once rearranged this
goes space to reinforce-----------------------duel on triad
that's at roster (debatable) spill ton
of effulgent (mist) night at reason's is changing torque, merged
not kitten a m stony hurdle buttons, archaic challenge call nineteen
one queue ump foreign, tension
byline at-----------------------friendly felling
masked foot goes lather than ...

off get tablet go cram tirage on th window common story dull
as toast---------------preposition
prepare for
quite hundred stall nothing cd stop, gaping holiday to
music insight lit lemon thirty minutes
stalwart gets drowned of coin
trivet----------------------screws & bolts of
coded encyclopedia no one's fear
version of attic that's spurred onto
standby list
change policy-------------------dog trot
cram at hat oppositive melancholy establish relation
distinctly run after newly tonnage
is no laughter's entirety
talking at bond-----------------card team &
egret & flight pattern on overhead colloid (if that candy)
tensile cd remove at concretely further
this timeframe that
one day-------------------inscription
on rodeo testament treaty
somewhat renovate-------------------white shelf
duo planar genderize teeter hamstrung ...

jam to enjoin copain surrey alien to at know wheat
information, ease at what deliberate stop
corps d'etat----------------------mimicry
macro-evidence uncertainly has at
forget to all states (agent miniseries) mimed
to all thought of etoile merge for what unknows unreasonables,
checks to staple elision, soft hole
clang dearly of action at formulaic island metallophone, true
or in life th care of expect derives to insight instead
on a spot space, cull brother tunes
march demarks rising sod trick of
carom uncomfort .
armature at yr spree ...

equal small at lorgnette, typist
vertigo calligraphic metallic
onto face, on to th chorus
epicentrist salaam nap th swat
vestigial measurable cough, burn
on tend tine biter appear & circle
deem stalwart tacking earpiece
known by resistance has moved onto
reason's a bundle of 'em, to
restrain patriarchal momentum
vertical nothingness talk weather
just say nothing to hear
perhaps cordon off-track bindery
realized contour, why limits
vocality downer fist gram tonic approve
circular fiend shirk cut ...

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