Wednesday, December 9, 2009

AT (49-60) || Jim Leftwich


homemade → attached → handmade → attacks → meanders mediated; →
scooters pool in the loop of shoes; → twelve loaves and a raven
to the baker's coven → locker - hatband → pickled → static →
entwined books atavistic accountant


engenders germinate softens time.


upwardly scars hourly by the floor of clocks.


tonight on the lawn a light like dawn:


toe preposterous ontology [ethereal] view of bones:
you have no face in their house → he lives on squawk
forest road beneath the eulogy of the sign: half-life
paper fed ephemeral ears:


Veer (Even) past, eyes, vendor asks, yearling, when
outside (verisimilitude), occluded insufficient - loss -
junket jostle akin to knees - - - , ever last on fire:


infinity nods on -, - envelope, - anthill, - nor,
- Banished - bent, nails Narrow -, diurnal kneels
nails Anthill -, eyelid, hijacked, visionary tilt
of serried squares ...


NOR Radical enclosed quietude you, opaque papers,
eyebrows erudite Video deviant, wishful blinking,
privy or proxy zygote Embryonic Eponymous, HAVEN,


Open, Variable, naked, nascent oddly knots, U-Turn
Pasts, hostile occult, identify identity: if the
virtual then the inverse ... - disembark / detour
... encircled elliptical enclosures opening ( , )


(O) no koan cilia ache in the rectilinear [world]...
in two directions, he saw, he shouted like a toy.
noctilucent virgule, ungulate, odd doodles expletive!


(lavatory jumping libraries) kazoo nativity pasts,
astir until, ether after, if either over anon noon;
mocha hacienda Puddle, squirms bailing pears;


squiggle decibels Khartoum jolly tooth Cul de sac
inverse against the anvil? triangular fire in a
broken cup; shifters united nuclear Iran ( - - )

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