Monday, November 30, 2009

AT (13-24) || Jim Leftwich


:represented by: :your presence: :at work:


idiomatic each informality engaged in a verbal conflict.
engorged in psychic conflict in deport of flight.
left retinal tattoo our twentieth century neighbors against.
a cornfield on the beach.


no place to: too:
set the table: tablets:
exchange the rates.
do not go to Chaos, go to The.
perhaps the form of your coin is worth one-eighth of a fang: tongue:
ounce normative monetary unfit.
also futures paste: wasteland:
eaten by Sanskrit at the sign of the U-Turn.
it is October in India, not in Indiana.
leak the roots in syrup.


to prepare for this: and this:
an index of positions to locate our there: they planted a garden in our back door.


worms in all directions were staring at the wall behind him.


that was our position at the time we arrived: twelve o'clock.


in fact: the innocence of lawyers, the laughter of children playing.


in the curse of: you work all night: an assistant to the curse.


sold our souls in exchange for crude oil at the lowest price since September.


an index of subjects is a feeling or not.
because you were angry and rude as a tooth to meat.
folded anguish dictates an absentee chemistry.


too the symbol of our absence.


now: nearly no:
also at once: :is highly unstable.
harvest inclement radios.
how much longer in any series may the product decay.
uranium thorax quarantine.
at comic: ratios: under fire.

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