Tuesday, August 7, 2012

text || Wayne Mason

Complicated Traces
Composition of a structured chaos wasn’t subjective, a discussion about the ride of your life Sounds can be feedback or similar distorting each and everything, the electrical signal is present in a soul in purgation ,and that feeling of lonely bedrooms, noise like eternity and nothing, untuned radios.(suburban stench, glossed up today). None of them being musical, all of decay gun shots exploding in his head, cascading into the whole soul. Anticipation of distortion or disturbance of night and dusk, right on with the gig signal. What is noise in his skull, stares that make him shiver? He provides three basic definitions which are: 1.Gun shots playing a secret ode of noise 2.An acoustic (relying purely on physics) 3.Claustrophobia turning in and out.

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