Saturday, August 25, 2012

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Semblicity, the doctoral charade of delving. An unnoticed window light complies with regulariat of camisole and blinkered things. Does anyone recall the fingering
for F-sharp? My instinct downs my better self from being, knowing, valuing at
top speed. Top-seeded players capsize all the water in the downspout. Maybe
you and I should alter our apparent futures and reverse the legend of malingering.
Done together (to a turn), our elbows may conform to parallelogram repose.
Our minions and our tendencies may yield great art. High startup fees and
flustered pros who wait on us (not for) until we're self-sufficient. Ca suffit, he told
me in your sleep. I mentioned to my mirror that and only that, until I heard a slightly
off-putting percussion from the region of the mailbox gradually filled with
dividends, proceeds, all shock value.
Stalwart soldiering in the direction of the skid, where winter faithfully approaches
Sheila E. Murphy

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