Tuesday, August 28, 2012

poem || Peter Ganick

nearly incremental -- [2001]

nearly incremental. that is it slides. therefore in balance to bliss. formative in adaptation. glowing where affiliation allots imperatives. starving vowels. porchsongs with tundra now and celsius. adoration of bliss. to flow in carousel. to blank with suffering’s lost handrail. tongue to the slur. flautist more that reasons through a night of data. a knight of dated mordent. trill to bliss. floor and cellophane. where the cleaning rooms are nodding on cloisonné ventures. downsized. that is issue oscillating in verdant predators. warps through fantasy. waning the eventual. owning up to whose excalibur the movement on a trowel accumulates voice and event. nothing there. nothing erased. nothing with here to ebb in slackened voiceover. something syncopated to the tune of a soliloquy addresses the motionless vanishing. before time. after thought. involvement to bliss. correspondence with address. acting into a summarized value more than which least notion windowless rooms evade the sunlit adventure worrying down the spiral of time and spatial disarray. cold and warmness. night in the day of tone. weaving sleep through a symmetry of clandestine technical language. density and restitution. hovering where salience affords its situation too exultant for the yearlong implication gone there beheaded in having knowledge of irony sold to happenstance this and that orbital notion. reverted there. gone ahoy. ratcheting upward of ting. sally forthright into salmon and rice. chip off balance. chalice tonic. revolving the bloodline intemperate to slickly adore whose elemental shimmy. gust of wind on shoulder. whoever waits we will not know. there issues of foreignness become foreground into paradise. in trouble satisfies. lined paper. this is not that. underfoot oeuvre hot and cold. turncoat mindset. volition pretends a rhythm of overly pretended value clutter. and for why to behave. that is the adventure starving under climate friendly skies not knowing where or why. something each nestles out of clandestine works in the tile. flagrant opining won downtime but not heaviness. there begot underiveably the tendency of a fluid expiation. some song in granite avows neural summer. or winter down in the address. pretext a scrape thought to begin candor. not calendar. now had out in predator. the movement in shapelessness. in clotted creation for while. there in plebian morality. soothing asanas of time and appearance. dual floodgate improvisatory in natural gesture. some side for reasoning. that as networked development sugar-fed in description. mannered witnesses all round the wrongfully addressed fascinations serving dust in temperate closures. awoken from a long sleep. satisfaction regrouping in the document. a time for a space. sorting through wonderful admissions of trust and deference. perfect realities in their symphonic allotment savored for trenchancy and direct address. commendable in variance formed foreignness become the tailor-made to work for each network. loads of fun. fundamentally the acrostic waves down taxis in a large city without money to spare. erased in the vale to pride with sunny days all round the expulsion. profitable and emergent. nature for the animals. winning a space on the boasting chore. cold traps undeterminably correct without discord. harmonies that tangle harpoons in lines that serve to beleaguer twirled batons. son of averted eyes. limitations without tattoos. with themselves for a while in the breathing game. language for wafting odors of copious naming. related to one’s sole facetiousness. and how it became those of waiting. nor more than restructured in exposure from the having begot undescribed information. clipping coupons. tallying the correct from the infamous. documents sleeping under bad rules hastened from the wingspan of dermatological pain. acting faced down to use this and that before iteration solves uncollected faces. nervous and apologetic. wistful that solace arrived before. time and time again. time in its mulled tea on the terrace forming conclusions before going ahead in a waterfall horded those weathering the somersault. gaining some tyrants to be delivered from. that is space before litigation becomes sure. time before essence fills out the chorus tangible from reminded accord. outside the bulletin waits a caprice. someone apologetic or not. a decision tolerant of its outcome begun in orbit through tractor-fed motions. somnolent urge woken to speech. there silence relates to put down books on tables. native recess. the nature is in recess because humans are taking it all. for themselves in appearance. both names were used for there being a person in hold. or another weight off its shoulders appreciated from the never marred. something dancing in front without erroneous mindset. in front of what is not core to the fantasy. simplicity itself. things revolving in shocked gardens. indescribable for attempt. which shy slide of perimeter grabs to climb. and troll. investigate resistant correctness. so with the amassing of floods protean insulation gone there. out the walking school. tempt resonance to flee. with juncture gone again. where it went wakes the floors. impounds limits. grasps while affecting. soft in places that particulate nature calls its own. small chance for adding predators. would expect to be held or healed. not chosen. the address of climates resists precision in model. somewhat then elemental for while appearing to sleep one seeks heat from a radiator. enumerable losses in dash. formative weal of trial. co-truant with  premonitory derivative as flautist rejoices insulated creases. not simply the reminder for grand naming. heroism of the immature. with a secretary for the reaction to prove. some resilience more through thinness than taken. solidly one with repavement. correctness of wilderness invested from assumptions graciously pertaining. in mobility. nor else. than risked here. and there from which the emptiness affects. some perimeter glossed over rudely. corresponding with anatomy. sold to handshakes in rose garden. dust where flowcharts do not cause impasses. glow of the hackney carriage impending. similarly fortuitous and merciful. in one space. at a time. they stroll and separate. then come together in blindness. each to spay on hello. crown of dust as far as it can be told. rocks under cars indescribable for the amount of exactitude lost. small havoc. nouns for which one cannot speak. then pristine addresses create issue with the elsewhere believed to be history. crowds of pardoned mavens cruise walls outside the prison. not better than that. nor less either. in a twist of the hand. more to scamper around inside derivatives sold latently to prideful systematizers of the flagged down presence. neatly infestations gravitate else the feeling is gone. suchness indelibly revered. reversed into. there behests of hammers on heated priorities knowing oneself as business or feature. empathy not limited to the tune of. slice there on hook for redress. perimeter stalled on beachfront orchestras with bartered pictures from the having owned one before. naïve strongholds in the traffic of partaken sold out fixtures. neatly on a license for walking. a ligature for litigation. soothed the renunciation. parsing soon. perusal of trash on walled sciences. nature without destruction of stilted resistances. heresy that blemishes wills itself into vainglory. without doubt. ego that serves to decoy a public refusal. then not as some iron the trouble from a cloud. outside the door one wakes to wave intention after the flow changes. the flower of a dermatological cahier. envious tally forlorn into digitized information. somnolent before the clannishness opens. tattered visions. nature with secreted parts understood itself well better before invasions of tangible farewells recant the moiré pattern of address to clean. serial notions before clanging bells release. documentation of the falsehood befriended in cluelessness. each ego that tires of wood and fire needs a space to kneel. butting down a ceramic ocean. notations with aspects more the exactness less the fulsome ecological nourishment gravitating there. here before there. then that. simplicity renames the cloud of knowledge. information not knowledge. why the expectation growls at a flange for release. on a severely proud notion one exonerates. now and the memory of now. that being for itself in an other. waiting of itself the scolding. parsed flagrantly. immanent. 

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