Friday, August 24, 2012

text || John Pursch

Kabuki Cowboy


Kabuki Clem, a highly edgy, chummy Schwab officio, grew unusually wary. He knew lanky, fetching Lola would fight for ethical acreage, cowing a heavy, boozy bigwig (a cocaine cowboy). "My office's …"


"… ossified jerks chose a stodgy, haughty, Orwellian warpath, hoping to kayo womanhood. Quaint, archaic animals adhere to error, wooed by ego."

Emily, joyfully aware of a whitewashed, emaciated, leggy millenial, aligned a mummy. "Heroically great pharaoh, pure achiever, my highflying mummy, now may Ibis come aboard Ra. My mummy


ruler... hack a gooey edge, narrow a thigh, chafe a channel, defy a puffy, mealy shape; refile lesions..." 

A happy hippie: windowpane, wine, and frying again! Hallelujah! Seeing alluring, lush, wavy fog shocked a wacky, bizarre hippie. A righteous, heady hash oil mirage shoves a hairy, beefy, heavy junkie, wowing a manic hepatic -- a fatuous flake from a foamy,


funky hippie hutch. 

Cowboy Ike, a hashish aviator, lowered his supply. "Move! Heave, amigo! Heave, chum!" Guiseppe yells. 

Huge, heavy seas -- a churning, leaden lunacy -- halted Ike. "Hemp honeybee, veer off!" 

"Apache's overheating. We have a rough voyage in a chopper; hellish-ass whirring here, though Apache, ailing heavily, isn't whining. Adios hashish; I ought to voyage home."


"As a hash courier, young Ike, you have a shining, awesome payday; a properly easy workday, anyhow," mocked homey, goofy, chubby Giuseppe. 

"Aloha, you chummy hasher," mocked hepatic Novak. 

"Rich, cocky, hasher schlock! A welcome bashing, a hearty, amphibious effigy; a helluva mangy, aerial bye-bye. Levity, mayhem, boozier guff, cynical passes... Bye-bye. Your schlock ushers Ike off, piloting a chopper." 

(This text contains digits 1543-2017 of pi. The consonant sounds in the text correspond to these digits of pi. The sound-to-digit mapping is defined by the Major Memory System: . So the text begins with 797753 = Kabuki Clem, since 7 = K or hard C, 9 = B or P, 5 = L, and 3 = M.)

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