Friday, August 24, 2012

poems || Hugh Tribbey


purer of sidewalk
neon mile caress beer
Ariel in totally shoes
Saturday of zigzag of
tough heard outlined
eat & save man’s spur play
copy cross-legged picture panoramas
hands full signs clear
jigsaw as foyer aside plan
me welcome enigma in my master tourniquet
easy palm environmentalists away
its elbow game high school up
E fair flashing Medicare frame
cramp gnarl comedic broke
half-man’s bowel


motor dioramas amortize
soda pop prior chosen imbroglio rollerskates
interwoven wizard antediluvian hoot
presume seepage depletes
bemused umpteen flimsy beacon
behindless weave moxie grandied
incipient dissipations feign break assimilated
missed banished Yiddish surreptitious paroxysms
gusts pulse thug sundering stutter
columnar clumpsy shunted rummage
huddled guard fanned liver allure
warp fusion Japan amounts halt
scratches breathlessly dwell adequate assigned


violated total nuisances
cue tubes footage
latent splendid vestiges
unthinkingly inquisition skin
pixilate appendage storage
percolated disclaimer
submissive Messianic canny miscellany
candy badge collapsed miscast
stone destroy noisemakers wavers
slewain cerate circles penurious
dusty pug pardon barges severs
leprosy unbeknownst widowed torsions
fumbled unsupplied fried righteous preclusions
dyspeptic flourish sharp attest
bumps buy pervades halfpence
mortified cuticle archaic floods engendered


rakish arcane ashes
absently wefts buzzes
foggiest mention forensic
pencilled winter stringed charisma
stunned sludge fugitive hum
sputters flutter thumps
plug  undoing debunk
good goodbye tight respite
straight shit switched erstwhile Palm Beach
dreary redress squeak steeples
deeply parasite sounded long looms
norming anorexia nodal roast
gibberish tumbled fumbles
guided leaflets candy unilaterally
reduced hurts
constructs rings wagers

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