Friday, August 3, 2012

poem || marco giovenale

marco giovenale

text 83121753

subject: secondary italy rainbow id disc failure: to:
available reelm.

chock full. reelm of the dead chock of thread glucostarter from a true reelity painter plus dozens of yousmesmoos –– id can also reply at “the chloride anything goes” machormone modelsong.

mandelbrot mess. retell. do indicate (a) more convenient continent. a different set, including the world population: 1, 2, 3, 1 ...

fund raiser carmen desperately replied. so. try not get these updates.

the robots abroad keep deleting the market at lx, &ly); j < ly; j+(z = 0; z < lx; z++) (j=0+) grid [z] [j] = '.' }{ (z = 0; z < lx; z++)  (j=0; j < ly; j++) ("%c", grid [z] [j]);

the discussion tissue only affects me. since. it’s part of a larger strategy, they typed backspace, right now it's
the great undercellar icon rabid wheat submarine. undercellar monday. a different kettle of fish tar barrel.
thermal isolator material goes on mirroring the fullest extent. tv again. available.

dope. content. near. nearly huge neatly. net. sad soil. default things happen.

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