Saturday, August 18, 2012

poetry || Edward Nichols

       The vagrancies of consciousness relent to the archetypes of ordered

chaos .Ventilating the hypothesis of differentiated configuration of the confrontation of absurdities. On the cataclysmic respondencies that covers the inclination of discord, paranormal conclusions of the esoteric into the alchemists symbols of intuitional understanding the feminine wisdom. Archetypes initiated conflagurations of conjoining ectoplasma planted on the surface of flagrant despondency. Undergoing the floiranted contingencies of nihilistic poetry of subterfuge.

       Glaring inadequancies of trilateral expediation floor the contamination factor of various inunderous vagrancie reason override the institutional. Clamouring at the replendent coangular, flaburatory the fornification of shared inadequacies as a florid discordant reclusion into solitude. The theories set straight the expenditures of follie.

                Post nasal drip

              Post-modern quips

               Avante-Garde hits

            Surrealist Dada lips

              Fatalisms nihilistic pits

             Romantacisms graveyard visits

          J. D. Salinger quits

              The cut-up method fits

          Henry Miller talks about tits

          Bukowskis cigarette lit

            Dressed in black Goth neck bit

        Edgar Alan Poe from his Absinthe sips.


       Alchemical myth a reality

      Hermits introspective visions

      Automobiles climatic collision

       A hard decision

       A new proposition

       A symphonic composition

      Dichotomy in opposition

      A new seperation

     A whole generation

      A fresh compilation

     Resigned in consternation

    The new remonstration

      A new recognition

   A mutual reconciliation

  A classic demonstration

   A governmental legislation

   A provoked instigation

  A mystical premonition

 A massive conglomeration

    Iconoclastic Dream

Sturm and Drang iconoclast nihilistic prosateur compares society to

Pavlonian conditioning. Gormless generations have produced atrocious crapulous sodden narrow- minded drones in a fog.

   Salacious time dilation, torrential vertiginous censure. Duende resonator stupefies the reinterpretive vilification of the random walk.

   Other-wordly outcast know- nothingness risorgimento troublous neo= Freudian neplusultra probalism. Natal niche of labyrinthes symphonic poem. Retrousse celerity of a foam rubber crematory run by a metaphysician. Woman-like blackhole, atemporal metagenesis scalogram of the sepulcher.

     Crayon reggiseur trouveres pendulum inborn.

  Irrational supersubstantial universal TIME transverses a dark adaptation of a nuclear families yeomarrys well-rounded orthogenesis.
A doomsayers domination whorled around protuberant effervescence. The whiff of the prototypical imperitive gold brick daguerreotype coming from the Dog Star Sirius.

          The position of eurogenics demonstrate the shady allowances of fixated controls.Large efficiencies seep the extraneous marvels of a Phlegm slick. Ecstatic regulations reprogram the virtue of candid responces from the light. Vivid absurdities run rampant in the vilified beliefs. Dragon subversive downcast unto the Earthly realms. Breathing the fire of rage. Patroling the outskirts of eternity. Circling planets, breathing fire into space. Nihilistic ratios devalues the act of contrition.

      Concrete seduction of lacerated conclusions. Foreclosures on the soul. Syncopated Hour Glass telling the time of the Universe. Forlorn escapades divide the conclusions of subordinated frescoe fiascos. The nerve endings tell-tale sounds- polyphonic mirrors of the contrasting musical lines. Life preserves thrown out to the cases. Torn manuscripts taped together as the original being a cheap imitation. `

          Stripping the artifice of its' cardboard facade, the only answer,

              The heart of the human soul has a cancer. caused by the gluttinous monsters treating us as mannequins.

         The world around us today is filled with rancorMass-media ,the news are a canker.

    Broken hearts mend -roses thorny stem -Midnight light dim The Lions den -The outcast pretends The Universe extends Aleatoric success depends -Seclusions intrusion crunge Prometheus has wings Avante-Garde is king -Stravinskis symphonies sing -Needles injections sting.

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