Friday, August 24, 2012

poems || John M. Bennett


sh.shape lif.ter nad.a h
og. shsh.oe yr. d.amp
shs.hout he.avin.g f.o
rm.  .dr.ut m.y s.hsho
re...  ...“gi.ant shshi.
ny .shshi.p!” t.rust m
.e ag.e wh.y shshir.t
f.oa..m ,t.ide shsh.a
ver my. shsho.t.
my  ...dri.
ving pas.t t.he la.the.r sh.
shi.f.ting  )).))).s.un    .. .((((  (

Le soleil de l’eau...
-T. Laloc



cash mutt ghoost loooose t,oongue
lint my cage de,afffened sugar
sooffftens w,here ,my fffooool
lifffter cancellatioon k,nooby
toongue  )fffat(  ))the ffflam
ing fffinger((  )))fffalacy ooff the
gooat(((  the ringing “sacrifice” oo
boodies fffluted in a hoole  ))))
washed an headless o,offffffal
broooom((((   my wallet fffl
ayed I coouldn’t spit coou
ldn’t fffly spec noor ,“sp
ray yr name” a coount re
nditioon slime f,ffake selfff
fffried beside the name

Ojo lento, por tu olvido lamido.
- Pablo Neruda



shirt school your dust yo ur
paw ing ah p late st
omach neck um my see
pair uh my  .pellet dog
,high eeeee noter odd
,dun g ear ,w ailing f
or a s tart ah  .pee
l ,shoed ,d rug ,nor m ass
if wa tered dow n the sh
adow ,l earned to p ocket b
reathed the mot es sp
illed the lo x p latter  .)b
ut n ever butt oned(
))w rote an he ard ent
e red((  teet h tab lets
in my gull et mel ts an
ever y thing  )))for gets(((
) )  )    )     )            (     (   (           ( 

...e as ilhas esquecidas em chamas.
-S. O. Dade



uh dribping negck
s)ilent sho(e

the went wall



brush  c  raw

libp  cut

)the ,rest(( (    (       (

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