Thursday, August 30, 2012

text || Edward Nichols

Archetypical Manifestations
      Doomster of gutteral intensity. A cellophane skullduggery. Hyphesize secular seclusion. Avoiding banality with emotionalist saturation, malevolent, hypomanias resurgence, a wave of vendettas satiable accolades.

Vicarious charisma, physiological theurgy, verbatim folie a deux an emotive acanthocephelan. Maladaptive , intangible, sinecure. Simon Magnus on the silver screen, applying mascara masterfully. A symbolist travelling on a velocipede balkanizes with wizardry and word mongering a doohickey on Balder while participating in charahanc.

   A grotesque corpse his tumulus wave form an imaginary number. Illuminism of a superior wave of the future. A world powerresulting from phantasmagoric multi-media phase modulation. Synergetic referendum run by rapscallions using objective correlation. Sinequanon eccentric dadaism, ephemeral, dandyism. Libation of whiskey, white lightening, resulting in picturesque pink elephants.

    Dantean echelon simulating tetrachords on the periphery of territorialisms wanton, flagrant, insertion of Machiavellianism macabre nomination. Hoodwinked by a verbiage of whirlwind eventualities. Squinting at the horizon of ubiquitous simulation of misogynistic vindication of melancholy medallions undergoing hypnotherapy.

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